• The Formula: Season 2 Trailer

    The art of collaboration is the bedrock of hip-hop. And when these kindred spirits collab, they produce a body of work deep enough to drown out the noise. Credit: NPR Adblock test (Why?)

  • Grammy-winning Finneas releases his first full-length album

    NPR's Scott Simon speaks with music artist and producer Finneas about his debut album. Adblock test (Why?)

  • Jesy (feat. Nicki Minaj), ‘Boyz’

    UMG on YouTube Blackfishing aside, there's a reason Jesy Nelson isn't a household name. "Boyz," the former Little Mix member's first solo attempt, is a pseudo-rap track founded on an extensive interpolation of Diddy's 2001 hit "Bad Boy for Life." The once-iconic riff is muddled in "Boyz," antithetically stuttering as if someone accidentally hit their elbow on the keyboard, glitched the instrumental and spliced it in random places. Always behind beat, the riff tries to catch up to a song that it's incompatible with in the first place. With "Boyz," Nelson (you might know her — if nowhere else — from viral "balegdeh" meme fame) commits the cardinal solo career sin: being boring. Alongside toothless lyrics about liking men with tattoos, Nelson contributes a nondescript vocal that attempts to invoke the spirit of "Dirrty"-era Christina Aguilera but ends up being a bad Camilla Cabello impression. Nicki Minaj is the only redeemable part of "Boyz," which ...

  • Summer Walker (with JT from City Girls), ‘Ex For A Reason’

    YouTube It's giving Nivea, it's giving Tiffany Evans' "Promise Ring," it's giving Ciara lusting after 50 Cent in 2006. What Summer Walker's new song, "Ex For A Reason" featuring JT from City Girls, is not giving is the entrancing, smoky lounge sound we fell in love with when the Atlanta singer-songwriter came in hot with 2018's "Girls Need Love" and garnered more hype with her debut studio album, 2019's Over It. Still, the fairly generic Buddah Bless and Sean Garrett-produced track catches the ear with a high-tempo beat, Walker's signature honeyed-liquor vocals and toxic warning shots. Where it falls off is the tone-deaf guest verse from JT as she raps about pulling up on the new girl her ex is with. (JT's current partner, rapper Lil Uzi Vert, has an ex-girlfriend who alleges that he punched her in July after seeing her with another man). All in all, "Ex For A Reason" is an underwhelming release best suited for mindless listening at the roller rink. ...

  • Adele, ‘Easy On Me’

    YouTube For her first new song in six years, Adele deviates from the expected show-stopping lead single — goodbye, "Hello." Instead, the determinedly straightforward and achingly honest "Easy On Me" is a slow burn. Produced by frequent collaborator Greg Kurstin, Adele's return single finds the British singer-songwriter acknowledging internal demons and the damage they've inflicted. It's not a heartbreak anthem as much as a tentatively hopeful ballad from a woman emerging from an emotionally marooned period. Rough with feeling, Adele's pliant vibrato stretches before leaping over an intense piano progression. "Easy On Me" is a plea: a reminder to oneself and a loved one that giving up isn't necessarily a failure and that even in our missteps, we're worthy of tender patience. 30, Adele's fourth studio album, will be released Nov. 19. ◈ Stream "Easy On Me" by Adele▶ Watch Adele's Tiny Desk ...

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