Who do most women think is the sexiest man alive in America?

The sexiest man alive in America

So Forbes comes out with this most eligible bachelor list based on who’s got the most money. WHAT AN INSULT TO WOMEN! What do they think we are a caboodle or Wh***s? Does anyone else see the cut here? Or am I the only one?

What do you think makes a guy most eligible? Is it money? Is it power? Is it fame and fortune? Is it celebrity?

Of course all of us girls want a guy who has his act together. But we want more than that. We want guys who are funny, charming,romantic, loving and sweet. We want a guy who is honest and loyal and won’t cheat.

Yeah we all like cuties but then again when it comes down to it we all want more- someone with the whole package.

And what is that package.






And one more thing. I want my guy to be picky. I want him to pick me out of 100,000 women, not some easy guy who gets down with the next cheerleader who flirts with him.

My ideal would be a guy who has ten women that he knows that would marry him in an instant. But he doesn’t want them he is looking for the right woman (possibly me or someone very like me!) – and I’m ruling out all the players who can’t commit. I want a guy who can commit, but he’s just ready and waiting(p) for that right girl.

Based on that here is my personal list of the TOP 5 PICKIEST and MOST ELIGIBLE Bachelors in the USA.

1) Ryan Seacrest

2) Stan Medley (also on my sexiest men list)

3) Boris Kodjoe

4) Owen Wilson ( I heard he is back on the market )

5) George Clooney ( Ok so I broke all my own rules here – but I couldn’t find a 5th guy so what the hell – he’s hot and also on my sexiest men in America list!)

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