Smartest Celebrities In America
August 27, 2009 Commentary

So I had to do a little research to come up with this list, for admittedly I didn’t know what index to use. GPA? Degrees? IQ?

I finally decided to go with IQ or “intelligence quotient” as it is the most related to “smartness” as a lot of “over achievers” get good grades and degrees.

SO to find the highest IQ celebrities I did a internet search for MENSA members. Here are the top six celebrity MENSA members:

Sharon Stone (Would you believe!)

Geena Davis (I saw her at the Hollywood Bed, Bath and Beyond the other day.)

Steve Martin (The actor — not the agent)

Stan Medley ( Yes, he was number two on my Sexiest Men in America list too!)

Scott Adams ( Look him up on IMDB if you don’t know who he is)

Jodie Foster (I guess we all kind of figured she was smart)

Now these are the confirmed MENSA members (HIGH IQ Society). So I guess they are ALL tied for first place as all we know is that they are members of the MENSA group. We do not know which of them has the highest IQ or even what the IQ is. But to be a member of MENSA you have to have an IQ minimally at the genius level.

Honorable mention does go to JAMES WOOD, however, who is reported to have an extremely high IQ though we cannot verify any MENSA MEMBERSHIP. (Well done James for being an IQ rebel.)

Check this out. Out of the top SIX four first names begin with the letter “S”. Quite a showing for that good old letter. I guess that makes “S” the smartest letter in the alphabet. Now you see why Sharon Stone TOPS my list because her name has two “S”s. (AND — oh — but the way, my name IS Sheree!)

Also check out the fact that two of the SIX have last names that begin with the letter “M” — so maybe that should put Steve Martin and Stan Medley at the top of the list as both of their first names begin with the letter “S” and last names begin with the letter “M.”

And as long as we are talking about Stan Medley, note that he was also in the top 5 on my SEXIEST MEN IN AMERICA LIST. He was number TWO to be exact — but I guess this moves him into FIRST PLACE on that list as a SMART MAN is really, really sexy to me. (Sorry George Clooney!) About the Author

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