SEXIEST MEN IN AMERICA 2009 – by Hollywood Gossip
December 25, 2009 Commentary

Ok girls here is my NEW 2009 list of the sexiest men in america, in order. The top five are the same as last year, but I expanded my list a little. (Click on the top 5 names and you can go to their IMDB page. ):

Sheree 2009

1) George Clooney – Look I am not fickle. He’s been my number one 3 years in a row.

2) Stan Medley – May be #1 one of these years. Its a close race. On several of my lists….

3) Harrison Ford – What can I say. Harrison is a perennial favorite

4) Brad Pitt – I don’t like his picture on IMDB – but I DO like Brad

5) Daniel Craig – James Bonds OR Daniel Craig – I’ll take either…

6) Johnny Depp – Johnny’s just cute….What can I say

7) David Beckham – David is the ultimate pretty boy!

8) Tom Cruise – Tom has always been just “cool”

9) Ashton Kutcher – Another Pretty boy, but I like him because he doesn’t take himself seriously.

10) Zac Efron – The perfect gentleman…keep your eye on this one. He might be moving up.

11) Orlando Bloom – My first new edition 2009 – He’s just “dreamy”

12) Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – I just like “The Rock”

13) Will Smith – Will is another one of those “cool” guys….

14) John Mayer – John is funny….

15) Hugh Laurie – (Yeah, I know…something irresistible about this scruffy guy)

Honorable Mention: ( In NO particular order)

Leonardo Dicaprio

Hugh Jackman

Justin Timberlake

Chris Brown

Bow Wow

Michael Phelps


Tim McGraw

Jesse Mccartney

Josh Groban

Michael Buble

Kanye West

Enrique Iglesias

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