SEXIEST MEN IN AMERICA 2009 – by Hollywood Gossip

Ok girls here is my NEW 2009 list of the sexiest men in america, in order. The top five are the same as last year, but I expanded my list a little. (Click on the top 5 names and you can go to their IMDB page. ):

Sheree 2009

1) George Clooney – Look I am not fickle. He’s been my number one 3 years in a row.

2) Stan Medley – May be #1 one of these years. Its a close race. On several of my lists….

3) Harrison Ford – What can I say. Harrison is a perennial favorite

4) Brad Pitt – I don’t like his picture on IMDB – but I DO like Brad

5) Daniel Craig – James Bonds OR Daniel Craig – I’ll take either…

6) Johnny Depp – Johnny’s just cute….What can I say

7) David Beckham – David is the ultimate pretty boy!

8) Tom Cruise – Tom has always been just “cool”

9) Ashton Kutcher – Another Pretty boy, but I like him because he doesn’t take himself seriously.

10) Zac Efron – The perfect gentleman…keep your eye on this one. He might be moving up.

11) Orlando Bloom – My first new edition 2009 – He’s just “dreamy”

12) Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – I just like “The Rock”

13) Will Smith – Will is another one of those “cool” guys….

14) John Mayer – John is funny….

15) Hugh Laurie – (Yeah, I know…something irresistible about this scruffy guy)

Honorable Mention: ( In NO particular order)

Leonardo Dicaprio

Hugh Jackman

Justin Timberlake

Chris Brown

Bow Wow

Michael Phelps


Tim McGraw

Jesse Mccartney

Josh Groban

Michael Buble

Kanye West

Enrique Iglesias