Rome Will Burn EP Music Review

Hailing from Los Angeles, the electronic pop duo Rome Will Burn delivers their fiery self-titled debut album that brings the right amount of electric funk and glitz to the table for us all to enjoy. With singer/songwriter Alyssa Suede belting out clean, razor sharp vocals and international DJ/producer EP coverManifesto behind the infectiously catchy production, the two combine forces to make magic on each song on the 6-track EP. Packed full of intense, pulsating rhythm and pure sonic energy, they managed to create a sound that you can’t quite put into one box as it transcends through elements of pop, funk, electronic and beyond. Definitely an exciting collection of songs, the project is an easy listen and takes no prisoners as it unfolds.

The album opens with the beautifully edgy “Chameleon” that immediately hits you in the face with a blast of electro-pop goodness with a touch of sass. Alyssa’s vocals command your attention with her killer lyrics laden with a few F-bombs that only adds to the no nonsense groove.

“Body Language” is a brassy, funky treat that’s sure to make you move within the first 10 seconds. The heavy bassline and strong violin presence are the highlights here as Alyssa firmly urges you to work that body language for the sake of feel good music.

The beat-thumping “Live By The Beat” is reminiscent of Madonna’s early work with its vintage 80’s synth sound and dance inducing tempo. Manifesto keeps the party going on this track with amazing build ups throughout and elements of multiple violins tucked neatly within the chorus.

The melodic “Waging Romance” changes speeds for a moment and serves up a dramatic tempo while Alyssa delivers an impressive vocal performance. The violin can also be heard on this track as well, adding to the climatic feel on the song.

The album ends on a more somber note than the other tracks on the album as Alyssa bares her soul on “These Three Words.” Her vocals are powerfully endearing while the song tells the tale of a girl who wholeheartedly loves someone although the direction of the relationship isn’t quite clear.

Although there are five original tracks on the album, the sixth song serves as a clean version of “Chameleon” in case you want a more radio friendly listen. However, even without the previous F-bombs, the song still packs a nice punch of attitude and flavor.

Overall, Rome Will Burn put together a solid, well-crafted album that offers more than the average electro-pop album. Alyssa brought her A-game vocally and Manifesto’s production is crisp, clear and clean with a hearty kick. His pick of certain instruments like the violin, synth and guitar riffs are also nothing short of genius. Although the album is a short listen, it’s just enough to make you want to hear more from Rome Will Burn which will hopefully come in the near future. Don’t take my word for it, though. Give the dynamic duo’s album a listen for yourself and get lost in their red hot debut.

by Tia Scott


Tia Renee Scott is a professional freelance writer/blogger and self-proclaimed music junkie who will go the extra mile to find the perfect song and adjective. She resides in Michigan with her teenage daughter and awesome collection of vintage Rolling Stone magazines.