Pauline Frechette: Love in the Afternoon – A Love Song for the Ages
September 8, 2016 Music

By Katrina Charles

Los Angeles-based Pauline Frechette has released a new song that branches out pauline-frechette_love-in-the-afternoon_1600x1600-r3from her recent instrumental piano compositions and, instead, showcases her stunning vocal ability. Love in the Afternoon is a beautifully-performed ballad that walks the line between Broadway classic and jazz staple. Driven by Frechette’s emphatic and dynamic voice, this masterfully-crafted song has the ability to transport you to a French open-air cafe, a Broadway matinee, or just a peaceful Sunday afternoon. Arranged by David Campbell and featuring jazz musician Stanley Clarke on bass, Love in the Afternoon has already garnered attention and spent over a week on Soundcloud’s Top 50 Jazz & Blues Chart.

The song begins with a delicate accordion melody that sets the romantic mood of the ballad. Soft strings fill out the sound as the vocals make their entrance. Frechette’s voice is otherworldly. She is constantly pushing the bounds of her emotive breathiness but she never loses power or control. This piece is an opportunity to listen to an artist who has truly mastered her craft; each note is in its place and executed with absolute perfection. The lyrics are romantic and beautiful. Inspired by love poems exchanged between Frechette and her husband, David Campbell, they are honest and have depth to them beyond the cookie-cutter love songs that dominate the airwaves. Love in the Afternoon is a true gem in the scattered stones of modern love songs.

Emotionally deep and dynamic, Love in the Afternoon is another home-run for Frechette. The song is absolutely a classic in the making that showcases both her songwriting and vocal prowess. A true love song for the ages, this tune hits all the right notes and proves that there’s nothing that Pauline Frechette can’t do.

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