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  • First Aid Kit On World Cafe

    [embedded content]VuHaus"It's A Shame" "Down In The River to Pray (a capella)" "Postcard""You Are The Problem Here"You've been here before. You're staring at fresh cookies through the oven door, they smell so good, you want so badly to eat them, but you have to wait until the timer goes off. And they cool down. Today's session, for me, is like those cookies.First Aid Kit came through World Cafe headquarters in October. But we had to wait until today - the day their new record Ruins is out — to share it with you. Ding! Cookies. Are. Ready.First Aid Kit knocked our proverbial socks off with their performance for a few reasons. First, the two women who make up the duo, Klara and Johanna Söderberg, were literally born to sing harmonies together. Then, there's the excitement around their sound, a contemporary take on classic country that sounds distinctly American, even though Klara and Johanna were born and raised in Sweden.And last, but maybe most importantly, there's the conviction of their ideas. You're going to hear Klara and Johanna perform a song (that doesn't appear on their ...

  • Sunny War Wants To Comfort Your Broken Heart On 'If It Wasn't Broken'

    [embedded content]YouTubeLos Angeles-based singer, songwriter and guitarist Sunny War (née Sydney Lyndella Ward) was born to a single mom in Nashville. She had what's she's described as a nomadic childhood, moving around from Michigan, Colorado, and living on the streets of San Francisco. Now in her mid-20s, War settled down in Los Angeles as a teenager, and became known for her street playing in Venice Beach.War is a fantastic guitar player. She learned her plucking style by playing "Blackbird" by The Beatles, and by falling in love with the blues. "I feel like I am a blues guitarist, but I don't think I'm a blues artist," she says. "I only use the scales and techniques that I know, and the only time I was trained in music was on blues guitar. I really love Elizabeth Cotten and Mississippi John Hurt," says War.Citing influences as diverse as Robert Johnson, Elmore James, Tracy Chapman, Joan Armatrading and Black Flag, the songs on War's forthcoming album, With The Sun, evoke a wondrous, breathless beauty and are filled with hypnotic, acoustic calm. Her songs are exemplified by ...

  • Songs We Love: Abhi The Nomad, 'Marbled'

    Enlarge this image Abhi The Nomad's Marbled comes out Feb. 9. Jonathan Swecker/Courtesy of the artist hide captiontoggle caption Jonathan Swecker/Courtesy of the artist Sometimes the things we do to escape our pain end up sinking us into deeper depths. It's a cycle of desperation all too familiar to Abhi the Nomad."Binge and drink again, smile and pretend again / Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to rock bottom," the rapper/singer intonates on "Marbled." The song serves as a mixed metaphor of sorts, with Abhi narrating the life of a loner whose stage name is not just for show.Born in Madras, India, he grew up shuttled back and forth time between Beijing, Hong Kong and New Delhi, India, before a student visa landed him in Southern California several years ago. Throughout his journeys, he kept music close. "I was a 13-year-old victim of the nu-metal era and the pop-punk wash-out. So, as a result, Linkin Park and Blink-182 were ...

  • Brandi Carlile On World Cafe

    [embedded content]VuHaus"Every Time I Hear That Song""The Joke" "The Mother"Brace your abs for an emotional gut-punch. Brandi Carlile is here with bandmates and co-writers Tim and Phil Hanseroth. Together, they have a new album called By the Way, I Forgive You. It was recorded at Nashville's legendary RCA Studio A, produced by Dave Cobb and Shooter Jennings. And it's filled with emotionally stirring songs — some that are massive and some that are stripped bare.In the first category, there's a song called "The Joke," born out of a request by Dave Cobb. He challenged Carlile to write a song that went floor to ceiling the way her epic ballad "The Story" did ten years ago. Carlile responded, along with Phil and Tim, by writing an opus with strings, a really big build and the kind of high note that only Carlile can hit.Then there's the acoustic guitar-based "The Mother," which doesn't go for the high notes or big swells but instead pulls deep on the ol' heartstrings. The song is about Carlile's daughter Evangeline. In this session, hear Carlile's performance of both of those songs ...

  • The Thistle & Shamrock: New Year, New Music

    Enlarge this image This week's episode of The Thistle & Shamrock features music by Appalachian musical duo Anna & Elizabeth. Brett Winter Lemon/Courtesy of Anna & Elizabeth hide captiontoggle caption Brett Winter Lemon/Courtesy of Anna & Elizabeth Lift your winter spirits and warm your heart with the New Year's brand new releases, with artists including Anna & Elizabeth, Open the Door for Three, and Matthew Byrne.Let's block ads! (Why?)

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